Mystic Ape Games is different.

From our publishing process, to our company ethos, to our sense of humor, we march to the beat of our own drummer.
And you know what? It works out pretty well.

Don't put up with ordinary. Demand the weird.

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We comitted to making the tabletop industry a better place by trying to inject more passion and personality into our work than others, and by making our games accessible to everyone.


We source our components domestically whenever possible, which means high-quality components and a healthier planet for all.

A portion of all purchases goes to the
The Center for Great Apes.


All our games are heavily playtested, both privately and publicly, to ensure they're actually fun. Find us at an event and we'll definitely have a prototype to test out with you!

Our Lovely Games

Private Die Logo

Players: 1-6 | Playtime: 10-30 mins

You're a gumeshoe, and we've got a bunch of witnesses to a crime that need interrogating.

Don't push too hard or the witness will crack and feed you false information!

The End is Nigh Logo

Players: 2-6 | Playtime: 10-30 mins

An asteroid is falling, and this bunker won't hold everyone. You decide who's in and who's out.

Careful though... There are rumors of a cult trying to fulfill their doomsday prophecy!

Feral Frontier Logo

Players: 2-5 | Playtime: 40-120 mins

Humans are extinct and animals have taken to the skies in search of an ancient artifact.

Build a crew with unique abilities, explore space, and prove yourself to be the most dominant!