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Feral Frontier
A space exploration, worker placement game


An artifact of humanity has been detected in the far reaches of the frontier. Legend says this mysterious artifact could hold the key to uniting the galaxy, conquering worlds, or unlocking the next stage of evolution.

In order to claim that artifact you’ll have to prove you have the most dominant crew. So prepare to explore the frontier revealing exciting new action spaces, recruit crew members each with their own unique ability, and complete missions providing useful rewards and resources.


2-5 players

For a game of Feral Frontier, 3-5 players is optimal, but the 2 player game is refreshingly fun and fast-paced.

Ages 12+

There's some reading and small parts involved, and it can be slightly complicated to understand for young kids.

40-120 minutes

Expect around 20 minutes per player, though games feel much shorter than they are due to the quick pacing and exciting decisions to make each round.

Gameplay Overview

Each player assumes the role of the captain of an ARK with a trusty scout at your side. Your goal: prove you’re the most dominant crew in the galaxy by gathering resources and completing missions. Your prize: an ancient artifact of humanity with mysterious powers.

Each round begins with an exploration phase where players will reveal new tiles and move their ARK around the board, trying to be as close as possibly to desirable action spaces. This is because in the action phase, crew members are assigned from the ARK, costing 1 fuel per tile they assign away from their ARK. This makes ARK placement very important: make sure your ARK is close to the action spaces you want to use!

As you explore the board, take note of the options surrounding you. Most tiles reward you with resources, but others provide money, missions, crew members, entry bonuses, or even hazards. Some tiles can even only be used by specific crew types! The most savvy captains will build a crew that have abilities that compliment each other to more easily complete missions.

So do you have what it takes? Find out, in the Feral Frontier!


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